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Creating boundless communication together

This headline is the Österlin company vision. For us, it’s so much more than mere words; it’s what we strive for in all our assignments and our daily business life. Presenting who we are thus means explaining what our vision means.

Creating is what we do and what drives us to deliver the coolest, most inspirational productions, from both visual and technical perspectives.

Boundless means that our solutions span all media, from printed leaflets all the way to exhibitions, with open-minded, objective advice all the way.

Communication means making sure that message, design and – not least – the end-user’s dedication all work in harmony.

Together is the final and perhaps most important part of our vision, clearly stating that the entire process takes place in an open and long-term relationship with our client.

This is what we stand for at Österlin. On this note, we have therefore opted not to show what we have done for others, but rather propose a meeting to show what we can achieve together with you.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Jan Österlin

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Pernilla Wall

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Veronika Silfverberg

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